Martin Feijen: short resume

My background covers a broad spectrum. As a boy I started singing in a choir and this ignited my passion for music.  I studied flute and piano and later musicology at Amsterdam University. For many years I was a piano and music teacher. I also have a long term experience as a manager in the corporate world, working for over 30 years in various organisations and in various roles.  I love to work with groups and organising and structuring come easy to me. For a long time I knew that I had a natural feeling for energy, in music, in sports, in daily life. Energy fascinates me. That’s why I decided to really explore the meaning of energy in my life and in 1998 I started my studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. That took my into a very active (and still ongoing) path of personal development. After graduation I started my private practice in 2003 as a healer and coach. I also work as a supervisor for other healers and therapists. Between 2006 and 2011 I was a teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe and in 2009 also in Japan. Since 2013 I’m a teacher at the School of Life in The Netherlands

Training background

2014: Traditionele Chinese geneeskunde (ICZO, Antwerpen) / Thomas Hübl The fire of Awakening course (internet) / NICABM Rethinking trauma webinar series (internet training)

2012: Conscious conflict seminar (Sweden)

2006: Barbara Brennan School of Healing Advanced Studies

2006: Barbara Brennan School of Healing BIP training

2004: HVNA opleiding HBO medische basiskennis

2003: Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner training

2002: DNA healing

2001: Emotional Freedom Techniques

1974-1977: Muziekwetenschappen Universiteit van Amsterdam