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Cultures around the world know music as an important part of life. Just look around in our Western culture and pay attention to music. And what about music in your life. How important is music for you? How does music affect you? How does music affect your feelings and your energy? When you look closer you will probably notice that music has quite some impact. And if this is not true for you, you can probably feel the power of music and it’s potential.

For me personally, music and energy are very connected and therefore music is very important in my work as a healer. In music sessions we will explore together what music is benificial for you and balances your energy. We will find music that helps you to relax and unwind. Or that supports your focus and concentration.

For many people it can be said that their energy is not balanced.  In mamy cases their is no balance between thinking, willing and feeling. Your mind keeps spinning and working, you feel too much or nothing at all, you get exhausted because you survive on willpower and your mantra is “I must go on, go on, I must…”. Reckognise this? Do you want to experience how it feels to be balanced again? Try some music sessions and see what happens for you.