Music is energy that affects our body, our heart, our emtions. Experience this yourself through healing-music sessions. I use music that I have selected specifically for you. Tailor made. You can use this music also in daily life. I use music of all all times and genres: classical, new age, drums, vocal, instrumental.

A music session is a combination of healing and music and usually takes two hours. The main objective is relaxation and balancing and charging your energy field. A music session is very useful in the following situations:

- when you feel stressed, restless

- when you are having difficulty to feel your body

- when it is hard for you to focus and concentrate

- when relaxing is not easy

You can do a music session as a one time experience. Or as a present for yourself, to unwind for a moment. You can also combine music sessions with hara sessions or healing sessions, it all depends on your personal goals and wishes. Usually a music session consists of two separate sessions of one hour. In the first one I will observe your energy field en together we will explore your reactions to different kinds of music. The second session is a healing with music that I have selected specially for you. The playlist for this music is compiled by me inbetween the two sessions. At the end of the second session I will hand the playlist over to you for further use at home.

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