Healing session

In a healing session I will work with various healing techniques (aurahealing, Brennan healing, chakra healing) to clear, balance and revitalize your energy. In doing this you will learn how to use your energy in a positive way to experience your personal qualities and power and how to develop this further. I will use hands-on healing while you are lying on a massage table, fully dressed, or sitting on a chair, according to your preference.  For me priority one is that you feel safe and touching only happens with your permission. If touch is difficult for you I can also work at a distance. Healing works also as long distance healing: you are at home and I do a healing for you in my healing room.

Before the start of the first session I will send you an intake form that we discuss together in the first (intake) session. During this session we determine if and how we will work together.  If this is not the case I can help you to find a different healer or therapist.

A typical healing session usually starts with a short talk, followed by the actual healing of 40 – 45 minutes. There are different kind of healings: a basic chelation to clear and balance your energy field, a release healing to let go of old beliefs, or a hara healing. A hara healing is one of the most powerful healing techniques. It has a very positive effect on your body, mind, intentionality and longing.