frequently asked questions

I live far away, what now?

Long distance healing is the answer to this question. We do an intake session on the phone and we set a time for the healing session. When the time has come you can lay down on your own bed in your own house to receive the healing energy that will come from me doing a healing session for you in my practice room.

Can I do a phone session?

Yes you can. Many of my clients live abroad (Germany, Rumania, Japan) and with them I do phone sessions or skype sessions.

What is your fee for a session?

All sessions are 90 euro per hour, including VAT.

Music sessions are 250 euro because they consist of two separate sessions and my work to make your personal playlist.

Reiki and healing, is it the same?

The most important differences are the use of energy, the bandwith and the training. In Reiki the energy will follow it’s own path to reach the place where the energy is needed. In healing the healer uses various techniques to work with the energy. Reiki works on the first four layers of the human energy field. Healing works on the first seven layers of the field and on four dimensions: physical, emotional, hara, core star.  The Reiki master has done on avarage  50 to 100 hours of training. A Brennan healer has done over 2000 hours of training, spread over four years, and at least 72 hours of personal therapy sessions. Roland Berard, who is a Brennan healer and Reiki master, has written an excellent article (in Enlish) about this topic:  reiki en healing

Is healing something for me?

Healing is for everybody, even when you do not believe in aura’s and chakra’s. If you are willing to be open to new possiblities, even if you do not understand them with your mind, that’s enough, the energy will do the work. An open mind is essential: you can only benifit from healing (or any modality) if your intention is positive. For that reason you can’t give your friend a healing session as a present: the impulse to find healing must come from with the person, not from outside.

Do you have testimonials?

Testimonials are available on request.

See for more information about Brennan healing the website  of Barbara Brennan or  the Dutch website