hara session

The hara session is your personal laboratory.  We focus on your relationship with yourself and from there we explore your relationships with others. I will mirror you, I will confront you, I will be honest. That will not always be comfortable for you, but it is worth doing it.   You will have me as your ally to get more clarity about the things that are difficult for you in relationships. This clarity will help you to stop giving away your power to other people. You will learn that your fear, irritation or judgment about others are in fact a message for yourself.

Hara sessions are useful for anybody who has a desire for self exploration or personal development.   Hara is a powerful way to restore your natural balance when you feel unbalanced (stress, burn out, overwrought, depression).  Hara will help you if you are having difficulty to feel your body (cold hands or feet, empty or hollow feeling, backpain, rigidity).  Most of all hara is useful for those of you who want to improve their relations (conflict, dead-ends, patterns of irritation or judgment, feeling powerless, fear of failure) or people with traumatic experiences in the past (abuse, accidents, divorce).