Hara is the Japanese word for abdomen. The deeper meaning is balance, a healthy equilibrium between the three forces that are always present in our lives: thinking, feeling, will. You will notice when these forces are out of balance, first as a feeling of discomfort, usually semi-conscious. You “know” something is off. The longer the state of unbalance lasts,the stronger and more conscious our discomfort will be and eventually this will lead into stress, fear, depression or even illness.

I work with Hara to guide you back into the natural state of balance. In doing so I will use the body as a source of information and as an ally. I will teach you to feel your body and to listen to your body language. Your body is your teacher and guide. The cells of your body have their own memory and their our wisdom. We will connect to these and I will teach you to use this wisdom for your own development and balance.

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